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Video: Nick Diamond Interview w/ Shine Travis

The HNIC of Diamond Supply Co., Nick Diamond, spoke to Shine from Crack Distributors Radio about the new shop they just opened up in NY, the connection between skateboarding, fashion and hip hop as well as the story behind the Tiffany/Diamond Dunk and a future collaboration with Nike coming in 2011.

I shine, you shine

Previously: DJ Greg Street at Diamond Supply Co.’s Pre-Grammy Party

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4 Responses to “Video: Nick Diamond Interview w/ Shine Travis”

  1. el feces loco Says:

    lol damage jeans and etonics.


    ^^Yo the GLK with the top chopped in this vid is sick..dem Florida niggaz stay on some dope shit.

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    How long has Dre been taking to do Detox though? When did he first say he was releasing it? 3 years ago??

    Peoples just pissed about it now because every year he says it’s dropping and every year it never does.

    Kinda like one of my ex-girlfriend’s panties. I was patiently waiting for them shits to drop. Frigid bitch.

  3. The return line o.k.a. Moment of relapse Says:

    Looking back, I guess I can’t really complain about the whole super skinny jeans thing of today and the obsession with labels that were once considered feminine(sp?)

  4. StandOut FT Says:

    This show is dope probably one of if not the best radio show out!

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