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Video: Rhymefest, Pugs Atomz, Que B.I.L.L.A.H., Phil G & Big Wiz – The GO! Experiment Pt. 1

As announced last week, this line up of rappers from the Go were paying tribute to the very last episode of Yo! MTV Raps. Andrew explains:

We filmed this event last Spring at Leaders1354 on Wells and we invited close to 30 emcees to participate. The Experiment was hosted by PHLI-guy Dave Jeff, with Jay iLLa handling the DJ duties. We told the emcees to arrive and be prepared to spit a quick sixteen – however, I’m not sure they knew they were going to be in a room of their rapping peers. The public was not invited, and besides a few lucky patrons, it was only rappers in the room.

The emcees were picked in small groups (around 5 for each segment), and the first to grab the mic were Rhymefest, Pugs Atomz, Que B.I.L.L.A.H., Phil G & Big Wiz. And all rappers spit over Chicago beats.

Previously: Mikkey Halsted, Rhymefest, Naledge, Really Doe & Mic Terror – The GO! Experiment (Trailer) (Video)

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18 Responses to “Video: Rhymefest, Pugs Atomz, Que B.I.L.L.A.H., Phil G & Big Wiz – The GO! Experiment Pt. 1”

  1. g7 Says:

    >>Phil G & Big Wiz


  2. Joe 88 Says:

    lol, niggas going in tonight (n)

  3. the return o.k.a. moment of relapse Says:



    What’s up with that song, Joe??

  5. landlord Says:

    wtf is a pugs atomz?

  6. Joe 88 Says:

    What song? The one I got a link for?

  7. Shooter Says:

    Jay-Z & Eminem Join “We Are the World” Remake for Haiti Relief
    lol at Jay singing on this shit


    I thought you said something about a new song that you were in the middle of getting mixed.

  9. landlord Says:

    Que B.I.L.L.A.H.,

    thats Malcolm’s daughter’s name… Qubilah Muhammad


  10. Joe 88 Says:

    Click my name phenomenon, lol (n)

  11. de la swole Says:

    Joe88….that beat is wack as hell. But your verses were dope with out a doubt

  12. PHENOMENON Says:

    “I like this Maybach Gangsta Music. . .”

  13. Troyvul Says:

    Yo Joe…..Nice track real talk…Beat was dope….flow was on point, your def improving

  14. PW Says:

    .that beat is wack as hell.

    You serious? That beat was knockin.

  15. Joe 88 Says:

    thanks guys, I try

  16. PHENOMENON Says:

    All this “gangsta” talk has put me in the mood for some COD:MW2.

    I don’t feel like having Shav getting mad at me but fu*k it, I’m out.

  17. Panama Pete Says:

    Rhymefest kilt this sh*t. Pugs was aight for a few bars… the rest…. no comment.

  18. Nah Right » Video: Really Doe, Mick Luter, Shayla G & YP - The GO! Experiment Pt. 2 Says:

    […] whole experiment is explained here in Part 1 w/ Rhymefest, Pugs Atomz, Que B.I.L.L.A.H., Phil G & Big […]

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