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Video: Mic Terror – I’m Famous

Off of Fake Shore Drive & Maja 7th’s project,  The Breakout.

Previously: Freddie Gibbs & Mikkey Halsted – On My Own (Video)

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21 Responses to “Video: Mic Terror – I’m Famous”

  1. PW Says:

    you thing mr Woods regrets all the poon he had, or are the regrets offset those nights he revels in the memories.

    You never regret the poon… you regret getting caught.

  2. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    LMFAO @ Kev ….that Amp rant was like 12 hrs ago…you still feel a need to respond?…


    nigga i woke up @ 12. i just went back to see if anyone felt the tracks and seen tramps comments. i feel the need to let tramp know he a poser at every sot he takes at me.

    “my momma taught me, if it’s fuck me, well nigga FUCK YOU!”(c)jay electronysis

  3. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Triple C’s album was very disappointing…i thought Ross would have some solo bangers or something

  4. landlord Says:

    i dont know this nigga…


  5. a tribe called quest Says:

    “always said if I rapped I’d say something significant… but now I’m rapping about money, hoes and rims again”

    –kanye said this?

  6. 456 Says:

    You never regret the poon… you regret getting caught.

    ^tiger should regret some of them hags he was banging out. he could afford better…

  7. hl Says:

    Black Milk is just as talented as Kanye West is… he just doesnt run his mouth about it, or have a bunch of fellow purse wearing yes-men to do it for him …

    does the majority of BM work use soul samples?


    black Milk actually brings in instrumentalist to contribute to some of his beats. its a video somewhere out there where he talks about it. Alot of producers have done that. Q-Tip was bringing in bass players and shit back in 93/94. It’s still the vision of the producer though.

  8. landlord Says:

    does the majority of BM work use soul samples?


    he’s using alot more live drums now… like justblaze 2.0…

    i liked his earlier more sampled based joints better…

    “Popular Demand” and “The Preface” are the two most underrated/overlooked CDs in the last 5 years, easily…

    if you dont have them both, you lost badly … those are vintage black milk productions …

  9. cOLD Says:

    You never regret the poon… you regret getting caught.

    ^ t-shirt worthy.

  10. landlord Says:

    D_Block_4_Life Says:

    February 1st, 2010 at 1:44 pm
    Triple C’s album was very disappointing


    damn B… i could have told you that, i aint even heard it …

  11. cOLD Says:

    what a fucking fuck boy this nigga is.

  12. Chief Ali AKA The One Who Stay Building Says:

    i dont know this nigga…



    listen to his remix of the Young Berg joint, “Do That There”

    dude got bars and he from the crib

  13. 456 Says:

    Young Berg joint, “Do That There”

    ^I thought that was Young Bleed

  14. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    This Blu tape is still the best shit i’ve heard in 2010

  15. PW Says:

    So Beyonce wins a grammy for her song, and Etta James has to be hospitalized the next morning. lol.

    Pardon me for laughing. I wish her a quick recovery, but there’s some humor in the situation.

  16. Chief Ali AKA The One Who Stay Building Says:

    and cosign Land as far as black milk is concerned

    dude is one of the most talented yet overlooked producers as of late


  17. cvs pharm Says:

    so this guy sucks. chicago wicker park hipster.
    that is an old ass lrg hoody.

  18. F.L.Y. Says:

    ^^^^ your a fag!

  19. Bane the Carny Says:

    I like this dude.. he’s refreshingly light hearted.. I need more of this.

    CVS PHARM> Your a fucking COCKroach!! Who gives a shit about his old ass Lrg you Material BITCH!!!

  20. NSIMS Says:

    i certainly have that hoodie ol bois wearin,nd i must say it looks better on me lmfao.

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