DJ Drama & OJ Da Juiceman – ORANGE (Mixtape)


The other mixtape that DJ Drama dropped today. I’ve never really listened to the Juiceman but this cover + intro are extra classic.

“I’m 32 mixtapes in, so it’s like, my thirty two anniversary of mixtapes”

“Some say Juice.. you have no vocabulary… yes, you might be right”

Hit the jump for the track list + stream + download link.


Download: DJ Drama & OJ Da Juiceman – O.R.A.N.G.E. [Mediafire]

Thanks to G5TY for the heads up and the link.

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62 Responses to “DJ Drama & OJ Da Juiceman – ORANGE (Mixtape)”

  1. Murder 505 Says:

    This shit is horrible.

  2. chin Says:

    lmao all you guys gave me a good laugh. Same couple of people post non stop about how whack oj is. haha i wonder who here is making half the money hes makin.. damn

  3. George W. Push Says:

    people hate shit they don’t understand

  4. MyBigBalls Says:

    This nigga sounds like a really bad Project Pat…

  5. MyBigBalls Says:

    This nigga never even heard of A Clockwork Orange…I wish someone would kill him. No, I’m serious.

  6. Matt Says:

    Juiceman killing shit. Mickey Facts wish he was Juice.

  7. Doogz Says:

    Haha man people on nah are funny as shit. The first five comments captured exactly what I was thinking.

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  9. chino 561 Says:

    yo dis bitch b ridin..sum songs r pointless bt orange b bumpin..nt better den 6 ringz though

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    […] OJ Da Juiceman & DJ Drama Orange mixtape [mp3] Struggles to live up to the cover, but… viddy well, little brother. Viddy well. […]

  11. vicboi20 Says:

    I scroll down and all i see is a bunch of hating, but its ashame how u listen to the music and talk sh*t about the man but for some reason you actually came to listen to the new mix tape smh people are just some dumb A#$es and if you dont listen to the man gtfo save the comment space for niggas like me who bump juice man in the vic, like he said “all yaw hating means he doing something right” and for the nig that made the comment about he cant talk he was sure talking proper in track number 1. For the song Penis wow that was so bad, gay or whatever yaw said but Jay Z makes a song called “lucifer” and yaw niggas want say sh*t about that, this poor world called america, its ashame how niggas hate when somebody doing better then them, smh get a life

  12. Super Says:

    I had a few OJ Mixtape’s, and he did some songs I did liked because the 808’s be banging when you have a nice car system. But he got to step his game up for real, this Mixtape is silly as s**t. It seem’s like his older music was better, and his newer music is wack.

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