Cassidy feat. Jag – Mic Please


Cass flows over J. Cole’s “Lights Please” for his Apply Pressure 2 tape.

Cassidy feat. Jag – Mic Please

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7 Responses to “Cassidy feat. Jag – Mic Please”

  1. truballa Says:

    horrible someone tell this man to quit ..j.cole gave this beat justice

  2. Yung Hopp Says:

    ” I know you never heard a MC so nice … ”


    I wouldn’t put money on that, Cas’ … I heard some, by far, nicer MC’s than you’ll ever be …

  3. izjuan Says:

    J.Cole >

    Damn Cassidy Sucks. Fuck off this beat son.

  4. jimscreechie Says:

    What the fuck happened to Cas’? Dude used to spit!

  5. Rawrsaurus Says:

    Cass fell off. Voice is annoyin too

  6. deondre Says:

    fuckin haters cas still gots it

  7. Stand Out FT Says:

    Na Cass is still nice .He will always be. It’s just that he ain’t got that Co sign he ain’t in the spotlight so wall ain’t brainwash like yalll used to be if Swizz was standing next to him niggaz will be cock riding talking bout cass is ill! Am I right or wrong? Every body raps now It ain’t about real hip hop no more it’s about co signs and the home boy factor simple and plain sow why complain when the game change and got handed to the lames. Smh Smdh!

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