Video: Tom Gist – No Plan B

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7 Responses to “Video: Tom Gist – No Plan B”

  1. The Broad Street Bastid Says:


  2. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    This shit sux. Tom Gist you actually do need Plan B unless you hustle (which I assume you do) :)

  3. sharksbreath Says:

    Johnny: I was thinking the same thing.

    Dude better get the want ads this Sunday.

    He’s average at best.

  4. Blog Smasher Says:

    This shit is bunz. C’mon son, get a plan B. No Shots though.

  5. the man Says:

    shit is fire the hate is great Gist keep spittin

  6. Belize Says:

    Gist needs to be in a group

  7. Nah Right » Video: Tom Gist - Knives Says:

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