Video: Talib Kweli Co-Signs Tanya Morgan

Talib recently spoke to XXL about Tanya Morgan carrying the Brooklyn to Cincinnati torch (Von Pea is the only member from Brooklyn, Donwill and Ilyas are from Cincinnati,) with their album Brooklynati, which is a term coined by Kweli on Reflection Eternal’s album Train of Thought, that dropped 10 years ago (2000.)

BONUS: Von Pea – Toss It Over off DJ Low Key & Sound Supreme’s The Solution Tape #1

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6 Responses to “Video: Talib Kweli Co-Signs Tanya Morgan”

  1. k1ng Says:

    I been hearing good things about this kid Big Sean but havn’t heard anything….anyone wana tell me a mixtape of his that i should listen to?

  2. Frank Lurkas Says:

    not everyone can live the way he lives, realisticaly, or get away with the things that he does.

    ^well no shit. He’s a fucking superstar! That’s why people need to stfu about him wearing a fur. They advertise furs way more extravagant than kanye’s on TV and i’m sure there’s hella white women walking around in furs right now. There is also a double-standard in the industry. Homie isn’t doing anything to anybody as far as im concerned. People just catch feelings for no reason.

  3. k1ng Says:

    People just catch feelings for no reason.



    motherfukers get too emotional over stupid shit this days.

  4. Chief Ali AKA The One Who Stay Building Says:

    PETA should be fucking ashamed of themselves

    you’ve got Sudanese women and children being butchered by Arabs en masse as we type, yet they want to pitch bitch fits about the wealthy rocking animal furs?

    fucking Anglos and their worthless crusades

  5. Nah Right » Video: Talib Kweli - Get By (Live In London) Says:

    […] Previously: Talib Kweli Co-Signs Tanya Morgan (Video) […]

  6. Skoopz Says:

    I didn’t even know cats even rocked furs anymore. Haha.

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