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Wale – CJ The Genesis Freestyle


Wale was on uStream earlier today and said that the first person to send in a decent beat would get a few bars, and CJ The Genesis was that person.

Wale – CJ The Genesis Freestyle | Mediafire


Bonus: CJ The Genesis – Hiatus (Mixtape)

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16 Responses to “Wale – CJ The Genesis Freestyle”

  1. blaze22 Says:

    This is cool.

  2. blaze22 Says:

    Yo this beat is nice. This could have been on Attention Deficit and stuck out. nh

  3. Jz Says:

    kanyelive, what up!

  4. J.Harrison Says:

    CJ The Genesis is a breath of fresh air for all upcoming musicians. download hiatus now so you can say you been on his steez before all the bandwagoners that he is bound to get.

  5. Praverb Says:

    Cj is a versatile talent who will continue to get better and better…nice authentic free from Wale…

  6. Eviction Notice Says:

    This beat goes hard I like the vibe…if wale went over more shit like this I might buy his albums…yea right

  7. sili Says:

    props on posting up Hiatus

    one of my fave tapes

  8. Frak Says:

    Who is this Cj the Genesis? Seems pretty sick

  9. CJ The Genesis Says:

    Thanks for the love yall!!! Check out the mixtape too!!!

  10. Rolling for CJ Says:

    CJ about to make it!

    beat is dope and Wale goes in

  11. Arthur Says:

    kanyelive, what up! [2], CJ is one hell of a talent, don’t sleep on this boy!!!!!!!

  12. illy dope raul Says:

    the mixtape is just as ill! if not iller!!

  13. Wale – CJ The Genesis Freestyle « Fresh-N-Proper Says:

    […] Via: nahright […]

  14. peter griffin Says:

    are you guys forreal? the beat sucks!

    sounds like 5 minutes of work!

  15. PhlippyC Says:

    Yo, CJ good job man, I didn’t even know you made beats. Now you making beats for Wale.

  16. MTP Says:

    This is nice, and damn son..the tape is good.

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