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Video: Nas – Utah State of Mind (Sundance Film Festival)

Nas and DJ Green Lantern hit the stage at Harry O’s during the Sundance Film Festival. VIBE says Nas’ ex-wife Kelis was coincidentally performing across the street where Nas was performing. Smarten up Nas…

They get into “NY State of Mind” then “It Ain’t Hard to Tell.”

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13 Responses to “Video: Nas – Utah State of Mind (Sundance Film Festival)”

  1. thekid10705 Says:

    It’s a shame that Nas can’t perform live, seriously!

  2. jp Says:

    r u kidding? I saw him in concert in Atlanta and he tore it down.

  3. QUEENS Says:

    I don’t get it, what does he have to smarten up about? I guess you didn’t have anything else catchy to write so you took a pointless shot at the god.

  4. unity Says:

    This performance was not bad nor does he have anything to smarten up about…people take these Nas stereotypes overboard just for the purpose to hate on him for NO reason what so ever!

  5. BLESS Says:

    NaS is the GOAT and it was a good performance for the 4 mins clip that showed! Co-sign Queens and Unity hating for no reason!

  6. Ain't nothing wrong with NaS Says:

    Yo for real Fuck you Nah Right.
    There wasn’t no reason for the smarten up nothing…
    For shame you motherfuckers!
    Get Jay-Z’s testicles off your tonsils and give value to a great musician.

  7. Ain't nothing wrong with NaS Says:

    Nah right is buggin….

    There was no reason for that Smarten Up coment…

    Stop bending over smelling Jay-Z’s meat…

    Stand Up…

    Breath in some air…

    Get sober…

    And then you’ll understand that there’s nothing wrong with giving value to a good musician like Nas.

    Who else is about to sell a CD in commercial stores that has a picture of himself and Bob Marley’s son imprinted on a picture of Africa…. Calling the shit distant relatives…


    Yall n words smarten up…

  8. thekid10705 Says:

    No hate No shots but Nas barking out every other fifth word in the verse isn’t a good performance to me, sorry!

  9. MonstaDon Says:

    I’m still tryna figure out what he needs to ‘smarten up’ about…no shots…I just don’t get it.


  10. Zer0 Says:

    If you don’t like Nas just say it. It’s 2010, Nas doesn’t have to smarten up anything. He’s the best to ever do it.

  11. nat-turna Says:

    wow nah rightr you should smarten up cause i noticed every time you post something about nas you always hating leave da god be and post about jay will you stick to what ya know i dont see nas sweating your site either.

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