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Lupe Fiasco on Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesdays


Lupe Fiasco visits Tony Touch on his Sirius/XM show Toca Tuesdays. First Lupe mentions he just submitted Lasers to the label and “I’m Beaming” being a forced single. Damn shame.


Second, there’s a couple calls then Lupe explains how the Haiti earthquake happened the day he reached the peak of Kilimanjaro. So when he got him, Mike Shinoda hit him and they got together with Kenna to make “Resurrection.”


Freestyle, then they discuss who’s on the album, both features and production wise. He says Jay Electronica isn’t on the album but he’d want to do a whole album with Jay and keeps spreading the CRS lie (apparently they had 4 tracks before the G.I.T.D. tour.)


Thanks to ILLIONAIRE for ripping + sending.

BONUS: Lupe Fiasco Calls Into DJ Greg Street’s Show [via lupE.N.D.]

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10 Responses to “Lupe Fiasco on Tony Touch’s Toca Tuesdays”

  1. PW Says:

    Lupe is better than your favorite rapper.

  2. verses Says:


    ^^^this is pretty funny….

  3. why? Says:

    The original leaked I’m Beaming > The forced single I’m Beaming with different intro

    I don’t really mind if Lasers was pushed back. Having Jay and CRS tracks would be nice in 2010. Eh Maybe the next album. IMO sounds like dude is being forced to release Lasers a.s.a.p.

  4. Shooter Mcgavin Says:

    What’s your take on abortion?

    The only thing I don’t like about abortion is that you have to be certified to perform one.

    lol Bol is foul

  5. g7 Says:


    Mobb Deep ft Noyd & Rakim- “Hoodlum”

  6. Mr.Londoner Says:


    dope freestyle

  7. kAiros Says:

    i’ve been following dude ever since his “conflict diamonds (freestyle)” on hip hop game.

    it’s a great feeling to know that he has come so far and achieved so much.

    he’s definitely bigger than hip hop!

    a further proves his genius with every album released.

    with the exception of a few…no one has nothing for LU.

    one of the greats and he’s just begun!

  8. Slum Jim Says:

    lol at “CRS lie” – hope that’s not the case. do people think Lupe chats shit tho? whatever the case he should definitely stop blogging, as should Kid Cudi. i love them both but not their blogs.

    vlog = fine (if you must)
    blog = nein

  9. Melissa Says:

    cool interview.

    I’ve been waiting for this album. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to his old mixtapes and it’s been way more satisfying than listening to alot of artist’s recent albums.

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