Video: CurT@!n$ – Exodus

CurT@!n$ was telling Johny Shipes last week that they shot a video for this song because of the great response it received.

Directed by Va$htie.

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6 Responses to “Video: CurT@!n$ – Exodus”

  1. juice Says:

    hes arrogant as fuck but he could rap

  2. elephant man Says:

    this shit was weak as hell he said NOTHING fuck outta here…

  3. Dunny B Says:

    Hipster rapper trying to be hard, SMFH

  4. Hollabread Says:

    ::looks at nation::*kanye shrug*

  5. Mario Says:

    He talks about fight the power, then he goes on to talk about the clothes he wears…
    Are you shitting me?
    The dude is confused!
    And this video was directed by Vash but it’s terrible.
    Anyone with Final Cut and a 5D MII can do this, nothing original.
    I’m tired of seeing brick walls covered with graffiti being the background
    of soooo many rap videos.

  6. Nah Right » Video: CurT@!n$ Interview w/ CDR Says:

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