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Video: A.P. feat. Mark Vodery – Turbulence

Here’s A.P.‘s new video off Terminal A.

Directed by the warhols.

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2 Responses to “Video: A.P. feat. Mark Vodery – Turbulence”

  1. Cali Sun Says:

    LF: Mint Condition-Breaking My Heart >>>>

    This joint is still flames after so many years.

  2. 456 Says:

    why niggas gotta be lying for nahright purposes?… damn, cant a man have his own likes and dislikes… cause one nigga like flatchested ambiguous redbones, that mean the next man has to?… its no secret that i prefer dark skinned women, so why the disbelief over Alicia Keyes like she’s state of the art womanhood?… stop thinking everybody is sheep from the same flock… i been different … and im more than cool with that …

    ^FTR: I wasn’t talking about you and maybe I shoulda have stated so…but I stand by the statement that niggas be just saying shit on here to get fucking approval of the massive. that shit is non-cipher.

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