Video: Cookin w/ Blunts Ep. 1 (Sour Fried Chicken)

Dipset’s Duke Da God makes “Sour Fried Chicken” for the first episode of his new cooking show.

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7 Responses to “Video: Cookin w/ Blunts Ep. 1 (Sour Fried Chicken)”

  1. landlord Says:

    There is no such criteria as “talent” when it comes to making music.



    so why are there talent shows and american idol and battles and whatnot??.. why do contracts differ for different artists… maybe just in southern rap, talent is not a criteria… that, i give you …

    cmon Fam…

  2. Gravity Says:

    Yo Land,

    where do you place Lionel Richie on the list of Motown greats, being that you’e an avid fan of that era?….

  3. Highsaiah Thomas Says:

    daps land.

    I mix water and oil sometimes just to watch them battle..duke da broad using hella salt, that shit must taste like urine.

  4. landlord Says:

    Lionel Ritchie was with the Commodores (mid-late 70s – early 80s) on Motown, well after the Motown glory days (63 – 71)…

    Lionel Ritchie w/Commodiores > Lionel Ritchie solo…

    Lionel Ritchie and the Commodores made great songs but they were kiiled by competitors Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Isley Brothers and Parliament/Funkadelic…

    Zoom >

    Just To Be Close To You >

    Sail On >

  5. landlord Says:

    *daps Highsaiah*

    word… that nigga need to replace most of that salt with some Adobo… word to Jorge …

  6. RLW Says:

    This chicken must taste like ass with all the weed mixed in … hence the salt and pepper I suppose.

  7. ko Says:


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