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Supplya feat. Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj – Diamonds On My Neck


Gucci and Nicki help “Supplya” attack the subject of conflict diamonds.

Supplya ft. Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj – Diamonds On My Neck | Mediafire

Props to Traps N Trucks

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8 Responses to “Supplya feat. Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj – Diamonds On My Neck”


    ou guys are faggots. unlike wayne, j cole–or most rappers who’ve been put on, haven’t been signed before they even hit puberty. birdman is a talentless act leaching off wayne’s success. it’s his job to egg wayne on and make sure he’s going to keep that payola coming. if he doesn’t, he’s fucked, no one is going to hire someone with such a fucking hideous tattoo on their head anyways.

    so comparing him to wayne and birdman? nope, next one. wayne and drake?

    wayne didn’t put drake on, he just heard a young spitta. listen to comeback season and his other mixtape and tell me there aren’t some crack laced tunes in there. though if you read the interview today, him and wayne aren’t even that good of friends hahaha. i mean drake ain’t even signed to young money, he’s on his own exclusivity deal.

    jay put kanye on. not at first, most of it was dame. Though by the time kanye actually grew into his own as an artist, jay put that motherfucker on. no artist will have a career with longevity if he can’t put himself on. kanye did just that though, he created himself with the help of jay.

    cole is a smart dude, and he knows jay’s cash funds ain’t really limited, so it’s a start for him. a place to start his career. he ain’t wanna be jay’s lil homie forever, right? he has the chance to be whatever he wants, and jay is just helping. i mean yeah roc nation might some payola, but they sure will make sure his album gets out.

    who the fuck else is he going to get a deal with that will throw his shit up like roc nation? i mean he could probably get a deal on a major, but his contract would be shityyyyyyy.

    damn i should get back to writing this paper.

  2. bksnowman Says:


    whats really good nigga?

  3. Jz Says:

    seriously dude, shut up already. you’ve posted your long winded dissertation 5 or so times already. you’re not enlightening anyone.

  4. Sleep Says:

    Stop with all that dame put kanye on bullshit. Dame didn’t care about kanye until he put up his own money for that through the wire video and dame saw it was getting spins. If. Kanye didn’t do that video with his own money them niggas wouldn’t have given 2 shit about him. As far a birdman yes wayne is his meal ticket but he help put on more successful rappers than dame and jay in his life (lil wayne, b.g, juvie). B.g had like 3 plat or gold records in cash money hay day, juvie was their meal ticket before wayne he had one album that sold 5 million and like 3 other platnium records.

  5. London Says:

    am i the only 1 that thinks that gucci pic looks like coonery bafoonery. ?? why they makin him shuck n jive for with all those chains like a slave.

  6. You Are Sleeping Says:

    I Agree with London 150%. THe dude sucks donkey balls, period. I was talking to my cuz the other day, and he said bottom line that he did not listen to Gucci Mane because he liked his music, he listened to him because he wears all those chains when he performs. Now if that ain’t dickriding, nothing is. Sorry Cuz, gotta call it like I see it

  7. JR Says:

    Fuck….Once again that disgustin’ Pussy mane´s cover ….

  8. Skylerized Says:

    Happy Buurrthday, Gucci!

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