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Bun B – Play Cloths Freestyle


Paying homage to the Clipse’ clothing line over the “Popeyes” beat.

Bun B – Play Cloths Freestyle | Mediafire

Props: B.

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9 Responses to “Bun B – Play Cloths Freestyle”

  1. shawpaw Says:

    im in the my playcloths but i do not play

    bun aint gonna ever stop.

  2. Sleep Says:

    Stop with all that dame put kanye on bullshit. Dame didn’t care about kanye until he put up his own money for that through the wire video and dame saw it was getting spins. If. Kanye didn’t do that video with his own money them niggas wouldn’t have given 2 shit about him. As far a birdman yes wayne is his meal ticket but he help put on more successful rappers than dame and jay in his life (lil wayne, b.g, juvie). B.g had like 3 plat or gold records in cash money hay day, juvie was their meal ticket before wayne he had one album that sold 5 million and like 3 other platnium records.

    What’s the point of putting up 5 post in 2 mins. Just proves that most shit ya’ll post is bullshit.

  3. Sleep Says:

    The clipse have a clothing line?

  4. Youn Says:

    xxl freshman 2010 list

    nipsey hussle
    freddi Gibbs
    wiz khalifa
    jay rock
    big Sean
    Nicki minjai & drake didn’t what to be on it

  5. Gravity Says:

    I think with Cole, its more about earning the respect as an artist and letting the other nuances of stardom fall in place as they may, .. The hunger for the number one spot is there though.. Its very evident in his lyrics..

  6. Frank Says:

    Sleep Says:
    January 25th, 2010 at 11:47 pm
    Usda is the best group of any other a-list rapper and his weedcariers

    Usda»»young money, those maybach music people, psc, …….

    ^ This. Quietly as kept, that Cold Summer album was dope and had some bangers. Corporate Thuggin, Get It Up, White Girl, Throw This Money etc..

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