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Video: Rhymefest – Exodus 5.1

Off of FSD Presents: Chicagorilla Ape Tape Vol. 1 and Rhymefest’s The Manual. Shot by CW

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4 Responses to “Video: Rhymefest – Exodus 5.1”

  1. xl Says:

    this was sum real ish

  2. DJ BLACK Says:

    his old ass needs to exitdos quick before Charles Hamilton stops “playing” with him. But to exit he would have to have acutaly arrived somewhere so nevermind. Maybe Kanye will be nice enough to half ass try and put him on this time around. Cuz we all know Jay and Kanye are the best, right? lol

  3. DJ BLACK Says:

    and no my dumb ass can’t spell

  4. DJ BLACK Says:

    Im sorry, speaking on the music , THIS IS AMAZING SHIT!

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