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Video: Lil Scrappy Talks Eastern European Strip Clubs & Amsterdam

Lil Scrappy speaks to iHipHop about ending up in a sex club in Prague. I’ve heard great things…

About a month or two back I got to roll to Def Jam to talk with Lil Scrappy about his upcoming album, The Grustle. However, as with most of my interviews we ended up talking about stuff that had nothing to do with music. Scrappy had some particularly interesting perspectives on traveling in Europe. He recalls the time he ended up at Sex club in Prauge, and then goes into the awesomeness that is the culture shock of Amsterdam’s decriminalized Marijuana policy

After the jump he speaks on the greatness that is Amsterdam.

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6 Responses to “Video: Lil Scrappy Talks Eastern European Strip Clubs & Amsterdam”

  1. Sleep Says:

    I’ll take that back cause the colts have a white coach name payton manning that black guy job is to keep the headsets warm

  2. west Says:

    lol they was all rollin on that pure mdma

  3. wilken Says:

    This just shows that scrappy don’t know shit about weed!
    lmao @ kush bein his favourite strain, talk about followin the hype.

    Kush is good shit when you’re alone and jus wanna pass out but it doesn’t make your head spin like some sativa-dominated strains do

  4. sharksbreath Says:

    Sleep: You should go back to sleep because it’s obvious you know nothing about football.

    That black guy coaches the defense and has this defense playing very well without there best player.

    Bob Sanders. The Colts defense in the past would fall apart without him.

    If you can’t see the changes in the Colts defense from Tony well.

    Like I said. Go back to sleep. You know nothing about football.

  5. sharksbreath Says:

    Lil Scrappy should be arrested for robbery or fraud.

    He stole money from people who thought they were buying music.

    I would fell like such an idiot if I put one dollar in this idiot’s pocket.

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