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Video: Jay-Z on Grand Journal (Canal+ in France)

Jay-Z performed “Empire State of Mind” and then sat down for an interview on national French Television (Canal+) a few hours ago.

The host was speaking in French and Jay was hearing the translation, but the problem is that there’s a French voice dubbed over Jay’s answers so that the viewers can understand what he’s saying. That also became an issue when they asked him if he has any family left there since apparently his dad is Haitian and Beyonce’s Mom is too… and he misheard them say “Rihanna,” to which he replied “don’t get me in trouble now.”

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11 Responses to “Video: Jay-Z on Grand Journal (Canal+ in France)”

  1. OriginaL Says:

    you crazy for this one jay

  2. young hov Says:

    y that nigga aint answer the question tho? I had a feeling he was haitian all this time but Hov actin like he scared to speak on it

  3. PHD Says:

    a lot of Haitians coming out of the closet…as long as they doing something positive I think they should all get a pass…for now

  4. Neodreams Says:

    Well, they just asked a couple of questions, like the illuminati question, Jay simply responded : He lolled(lol:)) and gave the only society I’m in is Rocnation… they asked him the crack to top of the world situation he said: well I wouldn’t change that experience cause that makes of who I am (basically)

    About Haïti he said, well I relate to not only Haiti but the World, he related to the struggle ( man, Jay keeps it reel! ) of these people, he explained the Carlene situation.

    Afterwards they asked him about the fact that bebeyonce(lol) Carlene and his father are haitian… and there was the confusion of rihanna

    they asked him what song do beyonce and you sing under the bath he simply evaded I dont sing under the bath : I would have told them crazy in love :P ( Jay’s right about media on his couple men!)

    and then this women asks him in a arrogant way, what do you have your glasses on, last time you didnt have them… Jay was smart on this one : I dont like your vest i’m not telling it off take it off, ill take my glasses off.(all black everything)

    Anyways seems to me that the translator in his ear was shit, and that the media doesn’t have shit to ask… Man you’ve got The most popular american artist in your country, and you dont have any freaking question than the same old since 1990 question , whats up when youre crack to That.

    It seems to me that media take us and Jay for stupids, ask him whats the role of blueprint 3(synth,tecktonic sounds,frequency sounds ( man are you forgetting the dopest jocking jay-z?) in hip hop culture compared to blueprint 1( 70’s sample), we never get the chance to have true music(all styles) questions.
    why didnt them ask, with your influence and all, what was the trend you wanted to instore musically and all ( there you can plug the shades girl!)

    Sincerely I’ve checked some of ‘Z interviews, and its always the same…
    There is only the economic discussion which give’s him the respect he deserves

    Man personally If I would be able to ask Jay some questions, I wouldn’t ask his freaking relationship with his wife for the 1000000th time

    ask him what he thinks of the suburb situation in France, or how does it feel to melt finally ”rap” or hip hop… with linkin park, Coldplay, BONO, after rundmc and aerosmith.

    Jay seems to like rock, ask him what he thinks of spitting on rock (d.o.a)
    there’s rage against the machine and stuff…

    Ask him about the evolution of hip hop in radios and stuff

    does he believe in adult comtempory rap? ( I liked kingdom come (crazy chords and shit)

    Men so much things to discuss with a Bright and Powerfull artist, I can’t believe that the media aren’t sensible to all form of arts… I’m sure that if Radiohead or even freaking Noel Callashit were on the same show they would have asked them cooler elitist shit. The World doesn’t seem to want knowledge…. lol

    they inform to sell, not to know lol

    lol that’s about it

  5. L Says:

    he also speaks about not being a mason.

    and props for letting the “sav des emissions” that shit hilarious !!
    omar et fred ahahah

  6. CHILE ! Says:

    you crazy for this one jay


    flashbacks to aziz ansari

  7. Teddy Says:

    love the alica keys clone he keeps in his pocket

  8. SMH Says:

    2 words : Bridget Kelly…

  9. imdatruth Says:

    jay’s dad is not haitian!

  10. the futur Says:

    you crazy for this one hov


  11. Allen Young Says:

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