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David Banner – Slow Down (prod. 9th Wonder)


Off of David Banner & 9th Wonder’s upcoming Death of a Popstar project.

David Banner feat. Heather Victoria – Slow Down (prod. 9th Wonder) | Mediafire


Lifted from Kingz.

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16 Responses to “David Banner – Slow Down (prod. 9th Wonder)”

  1. Voltron aka Speech is my hammer, bang the world into shape and let it fall! Says:

    Zi Ekstatik

  2. Munch Says:

    Finally a dope song.

  3. Trophy Says:

    This is really good I was wondering when David Banner was gonna drop sum fire.

  4. kels Says:

    DavidBanner is Confused dont know where hes going

  5. Hi Stakes Says:

    A dope beat wasted…

  6. Jerry Heller's Accountant Says:

    “DavidBanner is Confused dont know where hes going”

    Do your history…David Banner used to rap on east coast/hip-hop beats like this back day when he used to be apart of the group Crooked Lettaz…then in the 2000’s he started making south beats. He probably just wants to do something different. Music is art. Why are rap fans so closed minded ad judgemental. Rap has the stupidest fans of all music genres including kid’s music. FAIL

  7. Los Says:

    beat is something serious

  8. clik Says:

    David Banner over 9th wonder beats might be the worst idea in music history

  9. top ramen shotta Says:

    nice try . . . FAIL.

  10. esteeminatti Says:

    typical of BOTH of them. 9th’s my man but you can tell it’s a 9th wonder beat. David Banner. David Banner rappin, um…not that big a fan. I give it an E for Effort. Maybe someone ELSE over the beat woulda moved me.

  11. Young J Says:

    this is ok, but i heard them record better songs on those youttube videos..

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  13. PED Says:

    Someone need to take this beat from david banner. I hate when rappers ruin a really nice beat provided by a wonderful producer! If I had it I would try to do it justice.

  14. Kels Says:

    Response to>>>Jerry Heller’s Accountant Says:
    I know a Million things about Banner from His old Hiphop Music & now I said he doesnt know where hes Going Yeah i know about Crooked letters and all that stuff. Musically he seems to be still all over the Place one min he sounded like lil JOn then PIMPC,BunB etc.Then hes talkn about GOD then the next Rec Shake dat ASS . So Bro you Need to Realize Hes all over the Place.
    So >FAIL <on your Part

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