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Video: Curtis Interview w/ DJ Clue & DJ Envy

Not this guy again.

Watch the full interview (16 mins.) over at Power 105.

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13 Responses to “Video: Curtis Interview w/ DJ Clue & DJ Envy”

  1. NovemberEnd Says:

    go away curt…find a dark & quiet cave and stay there

  2. Uptown Says:


  3. fli-DIE Says:

    third, fourth, fifth & sixth!

  4. moneyray aka i comment on nahright so fuck 50 Says:

    I wonder if 50 cares about bloggers hating on him? It has to annoy him.

  5. mad Says:

    “It’s like when niggas make subliminal records/If it ain’t directed directly at me, I don’t respect it/You don’t really want it with Hov” -Jay-Z, Dear Summer (2005)

    jayz dissing himself^ lmao fif right bout him

  6. YEAH RIGHT Says:

    Try harder

  7. William Gibson Says:

    Fifty is a fucking genius sorry people he turned nothing to something and came from the dirt even though i dont like this entire record before i self destruct he knows how to still write a single and if you know anything about songwriting it isnt an easy job i guess its that lucky lefty thing him em jay

  8. YaMutha Says:

    Curtis interview > any Clipse interview.

  9. Kane Says:

    Its so funny because every time I say fag ass eskay put up a post about 50 Cent I say to myself “Not This Guy Again”

    Seriously dude your not credible you just a confused hater… This site is not a credible opinion blog because you dont know shit about music you just dick licked enough get the inside scoop but your opinion as to whats good and whats not isn’t valid so give that shit up bitch boy.. stick to relaying the news and keep your opinion to yourself because its really starting to effect the quality of the blog..

    Matter of fact just let nation and dre do all the posting they will still call 50 Curtis for you but wont be so bitch made like you are about passing along the info…

    You about to get fired from ya own shit like benzino… Give it up! You dont know a fucking thing about music you queer ass nigga!

  10. DatMan Says:

    Nahright, stop hating on 50 so much cause this is 50 has more wave than you or maybe because g-unit clothing put you on bankruptcy, i don’t even see mr.ecko on food channel anymore, but 50 still has dough dickhead, stupid ecko putting money on a ball he cannot afford i hope you read this dickhead cause anybody with a real job doesn’t respect you

  11. LOZODS Says:


  12. fli-die Says:

    Wow at niggas coming on THIS nigga site cussing him out about HIS opinion. NEWSFLASH, niggas EVERYBODY don’t like FIF. That’s why he got he’s own site. If you want to lap underneth his balls go over there and get down. Let this nigga express himself on the BLOG (keyword) HE CREATED and YOU VISIT. Now that’s some REAL bitch made shit! Come in a nigga bulding and cry about what HE THINK. Da Fuck? FOH!!!!!!

  13. kAiros Says:

    I LOVE this guys interviews.

    Pure comedy & wisdom.
    He never fails.

    A great role model (in terms of anyone seeking confidence).

    Peep the shot that he took @ nas at the end of this snippet.

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