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Video: Raekwon Talks OB4CL2 Vinyl & TWR2

Rae checks in from the studio in Miami where he’s working with CNN on The War Report 2 and announces the release of OB4CL2 on vinyl on January 26th.

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14 Responses to “Video: Raekwon Talks OB4CL2 Vinyl & TWR2

  1. StandOut FT Says:

    One of the last. Raekwon is hip hops resperator.

  2. The Killer Says:

    Hova is the #2.5 best rapper of all time, but as of right now, per their recent albums, raekwon is spitting better raps and crafting better songs than jay-z

  3. the return line o.k.a. moment of relapse Says:

    the Saints will be exposed for the fraud that they are. Kanye = Luda in mic skills. Jay’s obviously better on every conceivable level. Big always will be the best. Rae’s been nice forever. 3 Stacks belongs MUCH higher on the list. an to not include Big L, Christopher Rios or AZ is blasphemy. whatheefuck is wrong with you kids. . .these are the basics. fundamentals, people. smh.

  4. Dzheimijs Says:

    It will be in purple,how cool is that? Just ordered it..

  5. The Killer Says:

    @The return line, stfu b

  6. The Killer Says:

    Big l was great, az is nice, big pun had crazy bars, but its my list, my opinion, so gargle nuts son


    Is it the gold vinyl I’ve been hearing talk about??

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  9. Dzheimijs Says:

    ughh dot com have purple vinyl limited edition on pre-order

  10. dub Says:

    Being a huge raekwon fan myself, I got a feeling OB4CL2 is going to be sub par to the original. idk if GZA still holdn in the production it’s a different timezone nowadays with hiphop..

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  12. k1ng Says:


  13. Carlos Voltron AKA Dixie Normous Says:

    *Buys Steel Reserve*
    *Pours it out for the Cardinal’s 2009-2010 season*
    *Downloads the butterfly effect song*
    *Applauds Joell’s second verse on that Joell/Novel song*

  14. Robbie Says:

    ‘War Report 2’ without Trag?
    *spits on ground*

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