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Video: 9th Wonder Interview w/ Maurice Garland

9th talks about his new “Sampling Soul” course at Duke University, his “Death Of A Popstar” collabo album with David Banner, and more.

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8 Responses to “Video: 9th Wonder Interview w/ Maurice Garland”

  1. Geen One Says:

    hiphops all fucked up now its gone in so many differnt directions, but i guess thats what it is, i dont know the internets fucken things up.com peace

  2. marley Says:

    name of the intro beat i forgot what song its from again anyone out know??????

  3. StandOut FT Says:

    im lookin foward to this classic.

  4. Chaz Money Says:

    i wish i cud take dat class

  5. blak blak Says:

    educate the youth, ninth. keep banging out those classic beats.

  6. tar heel Says:

    lovin it by little brother

  7. onipono Says:

    I’m in the class. Have it Tuesday night and of course I’m stoked

  8. Word Says:

    onipono… i hate u

    naw but damn i’m jealous

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