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Video: Ali Vegas – Serengetti

Download: Ali Vegas – Serengetti

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3 Responses to “Video: Ali Vegas – Serengetti”

  1. Voltron aka Speech is my hammer, bang the world into shape and let it fall! Says:

    The Ecstatic

  2. Quilldram Says:

    These dudes is gettin more funnier. He said he would get on worldstar and expose niggas. Okay, then u should be exposed:

    When he came out he was suppose to be the heir to Nas’s throne. Baby Nas. but when Nas career dimmed, he rightfully suffered the consequences for subscribing 2 be a Nas clone. He can rap though. but he is proof… you better off bringin in ya own style when u get in the rap game.

  3. Geen One Says:

    This nigga was bench pressing a dumb bell?

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