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Uncle Murda – I’m Gettin’ Mine


Uncle Murda – I’m Gettin’ Mine


Shouts to Uncle Splash.

Previously: Uncle Murda ft. Swizz Beatz & ATM – Burning Up

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18 Responses to “Uncle Murda – I’m Gettin’ Mine”

  1. sw Says:

    id hit it.

  2. Voltron aka Speech is my hammer, bang the world into shape and let it fall! Says:

    she looks diseased.

    just from her face.

  3. Frank Says:

    I don’t know what an Uncle Murda is but he looks like Tony Yayo.

  4. Manny Backinout Says:

    she look like she got one good eye and one good tit

  5. b-ease Says:

    Uncle Murda’s got juice. They’re letting him smoke his ‘port inside. I’m envious.

  6. Mr.Londoner Says:

    thought he changed his name?

  7. silas aka simon Says:

    u would think if your going to drink u would make sure the girl u get the picture taken with doesnt have a mustache

  8. Frank Lurkas Says:

    lady looks better than fantasia

  9. ViolenceInSilence Says:

    Devin the Dude

  10. Danielson a.k.a. My Blog Game Proper™ Says:

    *looks at chick*


  11. somecunt Says:

    Wow I didnt know they come with built in side eyes…

  12. nahright Says:


  13. Beave Says:

    Behold, the only nigga in the rap game thats uglier than Jay-Z!

  14. getmines Says:

    This dude is overrated…trash….for real..dude like this get all these co-signs and for what? Uncle Murda is not a poet nor a song writer…stick to the project gun play, going to jail and getting hood rats pregnant…you are garbage you cant rap, your not an MC!

  15. Ron Says:

    Murda hitting that bottle too hard, in the club with Sam Cassell in drag. fail.

  16. Geen One Says:

    This shit sound like poor mans 50 cent on the mic!! murda do be doin his thing tho

  17. StandOut FT Says:

    Murda Murda this is one of the next niggaz right here get ready!

  18. jack b Says:

    anybody who is somebody knows uncle m is americas nightmare. but hey…he is a product of run dmc nas and public enemy(all in onehahahahhahahahahahahahah. adult music. our music. let us do us. youz guys stick to makin laws and lying to the public. uncle m gonna keep it thoro.

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