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Benzino – Slaughterhouse Killaz


Bendino’s verbal diarrhea continues. He spares Joell, how gracious.

Benzino ft. Young Pop – Slaughterhouse Killaz [via 57thAve]


Previously: Video: Royce da 5′9″ Responds to Benzino (with a rocket launcher)

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35 Responses to “Benzino – Slaughterhouse Killaz”

  1. ClarenceD Says:

    who cares

  2. Captain Planet Says:

    Fortunately Benzino has enough money to live in a world of his own, so we don’t have to deal with him.

  3. rex hussla Says:

    the hip-hop blogs/mags/etc etc should just collectively ignore this piece of shit…who gives two fucks about anything this parasite to the game says or does?

  4. dv Says:

    I wonder how it must feel, to know the whole industry thinks you’re garbage, while still trying to make a descent song?

    …and it cant be hope.

  5. Rock Diggie Says:

    I feel sorry for Benzino, no matter how good a song he makes (this diss is not a good song), he will never get respect. He will always be looked at as a clown, because of his wack music.

    Also, lyrically, there are too many rappers that would destroy Benzino, he should just focus on himself, instead of beefing.

  6. LC Says:

    I cosign rex hussla
    eskay? nation? dre? Please stop posting benzino songs, no one wants to listen to them. Its not even worth it for archival purposes. Really. No. One. Listens. To. This. Bull. Shit.
    Unless to laugh

  7. Noah Says:

    Hey Benzino, the jerk store called…

  8. LongWinded Says:

    Completely co-sign rex hussla and LC…if all hip hop blogs/websites can band together and make us not download Jay Elect for free then why not do the same thing and not entertain Raymond? You blog guys need a committee for this kind of foolishness.

  9. cuatro-cinco Says:

    wow.. is benzino crazy?? lol @ benzino.

  10. moneyray aka i comment on nahright so fuck 50 Says:

    This is so bad

  11. kstrai Says:

    how dare he name this song Slaughterhouse Killaz, did he listen to it?

  12. Malaman Says:

    He Said Mickey Factz?? Whats that about…

    & which one was Benzino? #noneck

  13. rocstar Says:

    whys he dissin them?

  14. yea Says:

    Benzino and Slaughter House lost

    no Source for benzino no AfterMath for Slaughter house

  15. ncprecise Says:

    the beat was hard, and despite the corniest rap name i’ve heard in a long time “young pop” (smh) had a decent delivery. end

  16. IWannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:


  17. Chee Says:

    the only thing this dude has is that bike

  18. djeurok Says:

    you get props for the tag.

  19. Mike P Says:

    I’m pretty sure if I had one wish it would be for this clown to die; slaughterhouse killaz?????? this shit is ass poopie, for real go die, the both of you. I hope you do, for real.

  20. thekid10705 Says:

    Yo Benzino! U SUCK!!

  21. jonblaze Says:

    this is JUST EMBARSSING, HOW THE FUCK can he even mention slaughterhouse on wax. crooked on his worst day can air all these niggas out.

  22. Just.... Says:

    I really would like to find a blog/website where people are giving him (bendino) props for his music. Every website I ever been to people just hate on him.

    Even outside the interwebs. Everyone I know just hates on him. He has no fans at all. He must pay like 10 people to sit around and just tell him he’s great all day cause other then that with the negative feedback he gets constantly I don’t get why he puts out any music at all.

  23. paychexx Says:

    ya know they should just get horse shoe gang on that wack ass nigga…..

  24. The Destroyer Says:

    This nigga look like Tom Hanks with braids…please delete this fool

  25. Doogz Says:

    Sounds like a bitch on this track…couldn’t even get fifteen seconds into it. Fuck outta here

  26. Q Says:

    “Fortunately Benzino has enough money to live in a world of his own, so we don’t have to deal with him.”

    ^^The only good post so far

  27. Hi Hater! Says:

    “Nail In The Coffin” + “The Sauce” = The Death Of Benzino

  28. okay buddy Says:

    anyone else think benzino sounds like a knock off jim jones on this, if thats even possible…

  29. Ron Says:

    He should have took the money from this and bought some more pussy from Lisa Raye. This was a waste of time. The only thing left for Zino is to have a nervous breakdown from failure and shoot somebody in a desperate plea for street cred.

  30. snoopdag Says:

    “HOW THE FUCK can he even mention slaughterhouse on wax”
    co-sign that shit, not even the best mc’s can take on slaughterhouse!!! and this fag bendino should apologise for that corny shit

  31. StandOut FT Says:

    This shit is hot and the beat is nuuutz pause no homo. Benzino makes good records but all the contreversy over shadows it. And alot of bloggers dick ride slaughta house not hating just stating the facts. Like i always say fuck the name brand producer,blogs,tour,features,home boy co signs and the hype. Lets listen to the music.

  32. Cryin Says:

    “this shit is hot”???!!! i think benzino is writing comments on this board.
    damn nigga, u must be having a nervous breakdown HAVING NO FANS and shouting out SNOOP and PRODIGY WTF you dont even know dudes

  33. Kal El Says:

    LMAO!!!! Yo i’m WAITING ANXIOUSLY for the Slaughterhouse reply to this one. This will be the first time someone in rap has been killed (by Em), dug up, and MURDERED again. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Dex dizzer Says:

    This shit go hard!!!!

  35. Dex dizzer Says:

    This is fire!!!!

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