Video: Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ ONTC

The folks at one neck, two chains catch up with young Khalifa at his recent show in Dallas. There’s alot of background noise in the video, so they were kind enough to type up a transcript which you can peep here.

After the jump you can find some performance footage of Wiz doing “Go Hard”.

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8 Responses to “Video: Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ ONTC”

  1. Beave Says:

    Does this cat even have any REAL fans? I think not.

  2. Beave Says:

    and lol @ the clown with God, guns, money.

  3. GC Says:

    somebody buy that nigga a cheeseburger.

  4. Carlito149 Says:

    @Beave thats a Crooks & Castle shirt bruh, u dont fuck wit fashion? lol

  5. Steven Says:

    Tayo = the Anderson Cooper of hip hop

  6. I Wonder Says:

    smh @ haters. how u gonna make a comment like someone doesn’t have any fans? and wiz aint the first or last skinny ass rapper. tbqh they all are

    but those were just jokes right? HAHAHA…

  7. W Says:

    Whoa whoa beave… lets not hate on Wiz… have a listen b4 u say some’n else stup

  8. J_GOODNESS Says:

    Wiz go Hard Listen to Burn After you Roll

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