Video: Swizz Beatz Working On Jay-Z’s & Young Jeezy’s Next Albums

via MTV

“We’re working on the intro right now. We been talking about that international vibe since the last album. But the sound changes. You got too many people trying to do too many things. They throw it off. I’m actually going out there doing the legwork, sitting there with the master composers, and we gonna pull this thing together.”

Swizz is also working with Young Jeezy on his upcoming Thug Motivation 103 album and has contemplated taking Jeezy’s sound in a different direction with this worldly vibe.

“I wanna go out there and collect certain jewels of information so I can pull Jeezy to the side and be like, ‘Come here with me right quick, I wanna play you something. Vibe out to this,’ ” Swizz explained. “The only person that I know right now is open to this [new sound] is probably Jay. We share a lot of creative levels. He’ll be like, ‘I need all that. Tuck it.’ He’s there. He’s to the zenith. I wanna get a lot of other people to that level. If we got multiple [artists] on that level musically, then what happens to our music industry? It becomes exciting. It becomes more in-depth.”

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12 Responses to “Video: Swizz Beatz Working On Jay-Z’s & Young Jeezy’s Next Albums”

  1. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    ______________________________________________Swiss needs to lay off Doin those same hooks from 96′

  2. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:

    (edit) Swizz

  3. Cashmere Cavalli aka The Debonair Cavalier Says:

    this is not a good look for TM103

    hopefully he stocks up on enough Shawty Redd tracks to overshadow the shit storm Swizz creates

  4. Big Homie Says:

    Swiss cheese > Swizz Beatz

    ( o )( o )

  5. Pkilla Says:

    Get Swizz the fuck away from Jeezy ASAP!!!!!

  6. Cashmere Cavalli aka The Debonair Cavalier Says:

    DJ Toomp, Drumma Boy, Shawty Redd + Jeezy = Classic Trap shit

  7. Jz Says:

    Does Swizz know On To The Next One is one of the worst/annoying songs on the album?

  8. Pedro Says:

    how is Swizz still getting work in 2010?

  9. Hola Harvey Says:

    I find the disconnect between the industry view of Swizz Beatz and the streets/internet/fans view fascinating. Swizz is a very big and powerful name in the industry. He produces for all of the big artists in hip-hop & R&B, and has some hit songs. But for the rest of us, his work is too inconsistent, repetitive and stale. He’s really not a producer you want unless you need a boilerplate club hit. I think he makes better R&B hits than hip-hop songs. Does anyone remember any of his beats on ANY of the Cassidy albums, or even the last Bone Thugs album? He has no range. I wish Jay would STOP working with him. They haven’t had ANY chemistry since Vol. 2. Remember “Dig a Hole” on Kingdom Come? Nobody does. That song sucked. “On to the Next One” is a mediocre song, I’m sorry. It’s just another “Millie” knockoff.

  10. Tray Dee Says:

    ^^^^ Outside of the Neptunes, Swizz is the most commercially successful producer of his era.

    Over 100million records sold and the majority stem from hip-hop projects.

    Never been a big fan of his sound but thats impressive.

  11. Hola Harvey Says:

    I’m not saying he doesn’t have an impressive “corporate” record, but that’s the point I’m making. He’s made alot of money and produced some big songs. But the hip-hop community, on the whole, does NOT like his music. There’s a big difference between the way the industry perceives him and the way the listening public does. He’s made a shit ton of money without really producing any timeless, classic hip-hop records.

  12. The Botanist Says:

    “…without really producing any timeless, classic hip-hop records” <–exactly

    **waits for Hov to shut down Swizz’s claim to executive producing the next album just like he did with Timb**

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