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Video: Oschino – Hold On

A new solo video from former Beanie Sigel weedcarrier extraordinaire, State Property’s Oschino Vasquez.

Spotted @ Y2K

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14 Responses to “Video: Oschino – Hold On”

  1. BlackDonte Says:


  2. PW Says:

    I must say that this is the first real evidence I’ve had that this dude really exists.

    Where’s Sparks?

  3. cOLD Says:


  4. KUTTA (Oxy 80's Baby) Says:

    I forgot how heavy I used to fucks wit State Prop (nh).

  5. g7 Says:

    this beat is on point

  6. jermaine Says:

    Thats cool you posted the video but you make the artist look like they aint shit when you say former weed carrier.

  7. GREASE Says:


    I cosign dat yo!!! And niggas in Philly know Oschino a real dude!!! He was never Sigel’s flunky!!!!

  8. Logic Speaks Says:

    LMAO, I was just wondering what the fuck ever happened to dude…

  9. The Destroyer Says:

    Far from Beans weedcarrier…loser!

  10. Blastyourfaceoff Says:

    Oschino is the truth more and more each day nah right just seems to get it wrong. Ads posing with corny computers. White boys on the team who are misinformed about the golden era and Drake dick licking.

    lol but I still end up here…. every now and then. but I’m converting to Daily Math a real golden era OG.

    Check out this real Oschino shit.

  11. CR Says:

    Wowserz. “former Beanie Sigel weedcarrier extraordinaire”??… Damn! Thats a rough charge ya’ll laying on my man. He is so not that bul! Never was. Philly know what it really is. Sucks he is even halfway potrayed as that. smh.

  12. Jay Robinson Says:

    I like this.

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  14. DollasTX Says:

    i like real niggas that stand ONLY on they own 2 ft … no ass kissing needed … !!!

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