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Video: DJ Kay Slay ft. Maino, Papoose, Red Cafe & Ray J – Thug Luv

More Than Just A DJ in stores February 9th.

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9 Responses to “Video: DJ Kay Slay ft. Maino, Papoose, Red Cafe & Ray J – Thug Luv”

  1. juicedog Says:

    was this necessary?

  2. Paul Cain Says:

    This song couldve been on the first Ruff Ryders Compilation.

    If Kay Slay waited another 5-8 this would be retro. Right now its just sadly misguided

  3. hood Says:

    Obviously yall aint thugs on this site so thug luv wouldnt interest yall!!

  4. WUTANGFAN Says:

    Can Kay Slay do a song without Ray J? This shit is wack!!!

  5. shawamar Says:

    Where the Fdcuk did they get these ugly ass birds from?? WOW…Hard to listen to, hard to look at..not cool

  6. cOLD Says:

    ^ *rubs eyes*
    *checks url*
    *chucks deuce*

  7. Clarke Says:

    Yeah… all of the chicks are laced with the TIGHTEST weaves. Shit is getting out of control.

  8. T Says:

    Sounds just like Emotional Distress by Charles Hamilton……..


    CH track is ALOT better!

  9. RLW Says:

    Corny dinosaur

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