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D-Wirks – Foot On The Gas


D-Wirks consists of rapper D. Schwartz & producer Beewirks. This is the title track from their Foot On The Gas EP. They actually happened to connect through a post on this very website.

Download: D-Wirks – Foot On The Gas


Bonus: Beewirks is the producer behind Young Jeezy’s “I Got This”:


The beat was initially heard on Cam’s Boss Of All Bosses, “Soul Plane”:


He also has some crack on the sequel, “Lonely” (track 18):


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22 Responses to “D-Wirks – Foot On The Gas”

  1. Dynamics Says:

    D-Wirks lets gooooooo!

  2. SaigonTheDon Says:

    I am STD and I approve this post.

  3. Dynamics Says:

    ^ Yo Saigon I love your music fam.

  4. Tmtd Says:

    dying lol

  5. D-Wirks – Foot On the Gas | 2dopeboyz Says:

    […] and Jowell linked up at the dopehouse, (emcee) D. Schwartz and (producer) Beewirks got together via NahRight. Check the first leak from their upcoming Foot On The Gas […]

  6. dviousmindz Says:

    why does everyone think STD is saigon?

  7. BKScribe Says:

    Props to the homie beewirks.. dude is beastly

  8. TyCody Says:

    Beewirks! Nice work pimpin

  9. Fightmundi Says:

    Hey where can I get the instrumental to soul plane
    That shit was sick

  10. DDotOmen Says:

    This guy is my producer. *fist pump*

  11. reams Says:

    Sounds good Filth!


    […] Download: D-Wirks – Foot On The Gas | Courtesy of Nah Right. […]

  13. Safe Says:

    yes sir ! d-wirks let’s goooo Dynamics, Nation whuddup?!

  14. oleyeller Says:

    The song is on TOUGH! They’re shooting a crazy video for this song in LA this weekend so be on the lookout!

  15. VJ Says:

    *dead* at everybody thinkin STD is saigon. congrats beewirks on this heat. cant wait for this ep

  16. low Says:

    link doesnt work

  17. missdjgemz Says:

    Shout Out to Beewirks…I like this joint…Keep workin hard fam!

  18. Dynamics Says:

    FTR – I was joking…

  19. Cameron Osteen Says:

    Yea D-wirks is dope! I actually got an interview with Beewirks on my site. He’s a very cool dude

  20. Nah Right » D-Wirks - Intro Says:

    […] Beewirks produced Young Jeezy’s “I Got This” as well as “Lonely” off Cam’s Boss Of All Bosses 2. More of his placements featured here. […]

  21. LeeBrawn Says:

    Get em Bee!

  22. Nah Right » D-Wirks - Foot On The Gas EP Says:

    […] “Lonely” off Boss Of All Bosses 2) listened to one of D.’s freestyles on Nah Right and decided to hit him up and they ended up working on this project together. So without further […]

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