Bun B – No Mix Tape + One King


“Man, nigga called me talking about “B, what’s the name of the mixtape? When it’s coming out?” I say bitch this is the mixtape, we’re going live right now hoe, this track 7, you better keep up bitch”

The big homie Bun B just dropped off song #3 of the day, and that’s after dropping two yesterday. This one is laced with references as recent as Mark McGwire crying and Usher getting robbed blind. (As if I needed a reason to use this pic of Bun B & eskay again.)

Listen: Bun B – No Mix Tape


BONUS: Bun B – One King [via illRoots]

Get the 5 other tracks below:

1. On To The Next Year
2. I’m On The Block
3. Stupid Trill
4. 2 Damn Trill
5. Transform Ya

Bun B is getting ready to drop OG Trill, The Naked Soul of Sweet James Jones & No Mix Tape all this year.

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253 Responses to “Bun B – No Mix Tape + One King”

  1. Supa C Says:

    what yall think of bun b’s son & his group?

    http://twitpic.com/xsaym – “The Takeover” mixtape @YoungestNCharge & @djRyno http://bit.ly/83TD03

  2. FAM-D Says:

    # Dewill Says:
    January 12th, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    # Boos Bigelow Says:
    January 12th, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    can someone name the impactful things snoop has done. Maybe I’m on a spaceship?

    That nigga transformed from a human to a doberman

    ^I. CAN. NOT. BREATH…..


    Lmao..true true


  3. PARDON MY BACK » Blog Archive » Download: Bun B- No Mixtape Says:

    […] Intro 2. On To The Next Year 3. Stupid Trill 4. Trill OG 5. 2 Damn Trill 6. Trill Gladiator Snippet 7. No Mixtape 8. Transform Ya 9. One King 10. Don’t Say Shit 11. Countin’ Money 12. I Went In 13. Adrenaline […]

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