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Neako – Exhibit N


Neako – Exhibit N


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4 Responses to “Neako – Exhibit N”

  1. ninety Says:


  2. C-More Cake Says:

    Neako TRYS too too hard.

    Your not Drake.
    Your Not Kanye.
    & Now Apparently Your Not Jay Electronica.
    Be Yourself

  3. OBCLII Says:

    i think he’s way different almost to a point were u r almost not able to take it all…i dont think hes trying tho,heard the blue tape he dropped?

  4. Wow Says:

    In jeezy voice “Be You Niggaaaaaa!!!!”
    Did he think the name droppin was gonna make us like the freestyle
    you can’t conquer 2010 with 09 tricks
    lets try and advance kid. gone

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