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Video: Tonight @ Noon, hosted by Mos Def (Promo)

Promo for an upcoming show on CreativeControl.TV, hosted by Mos.

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7 Responses to “Video: Tonight @ Noon, hosted by Mos Def (Promo)”

  1. Slumbilical Says:

    wtf is a shawn chrysler

  2. Mr p Says:

    After listening to Forever a million times, I must say Drake had the best verse NOT Eminem. I’m sorry…
    Drake>Em>’Ye> The rebirth man

  3. Slumbilical Says:

    @ mr p is u crazy?


    i thought em murdered the fucking hell outta that beat – drake just did his little thingamajig but he no murda dat beat

  4. Gravity Says:

    they lost me right there… i was done at that point

    >> Yeah that chic was flagrantly cock throating..

    Did y’all send iceberg into hiding?

  5. Mr p Says:

    @ mr p is u crazy?
    Dude I am 100% on this. When the song first dropped I thought it was Em too but after the dust settled and the white boy hype is taken away, Drizzy murdered everyone on that song. Mention one thing Em said that is memorable. He just had a different flow that made him stand out. That’s it.

  6. Digital Scales Says:

    They said Slim look like God hates him

  7. KUTTA Says:

    Hey Gravity, fuck Watkins Mill.

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