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Young Buck – Finish What You Start


Young Buck – Finish What You Start

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3 Responses to “Young Buck – Finish What You Start”

  1. The Real Purple tape is called Purple Pain Says:

    Young Buc is the truth!

  2. lordroc Says:

    I can’t even bring myself to listen to this. I actually like Youngbuck but I really hope this is not another G-Unit diss. He was a few minutes away from just being able to do him and move on from that. We almost forgot about the beef shit with 50, then on new Year’s he goes and ruins it. I expect nothing good to happen for this guy now, he f*cked it up for himself in my opinion. Peace!

  3. AfterMath Says:

    Young Buck is the best ! Keep it reaL ! PLEASE COME TO MONTREAL :D

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