Jim Jones Likes “Already Home”, Says Wale’s a Welcher

jim-jones-leadPhoto By Marcus Troy

Here are a couple of outtakes from Joe La Puma’s recent conversation with the Capo. He says he’s gonna let Wale slide on some housekeeping he owes him, and admits that he enjoyed the musical stylings of one Scott Mescudi on the Hov album.

Complex: How come Wale hasn’t cleaned the studio yet? You bet with him that if Kobe goes further in the playoffs than Lebron did, he’d have to clean your studio.

Jim Jones: [Laughs] Wale was actually getting drunk with me at the BET awards. He was sitting by me. I had some bottles, like four-five bottles, and we was getting pissy back there.

Joe: So you’re not gonna hold him to that bet?

Jim Jones: I’m not gonna bet with him anymore because he doesn’t understand what a bet means you know what I mean? I’m gonna excuse him.

Joe: Who of the new rappers do you listen to?

Jim Jones: I ain’t going to front, Drake is nice. I fuck with Cudi. I fuck with everything he does, but I like some of the sounds of the music he brings. The shit he did on Jay’s album [Already Home] was dope too.

Makes sense. That’s one of the best songs on the album and CuDi is certainly a big reason why.

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