Crooked I feat. Kunta Kenzino – On To The Next Shit

Crook’s latest video for “Mr. Pigface” above in case you missed it.

Crooked I feat. Kunta Kenzino – On To The Next Shit


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5 Responses to “Crooked I feat. Kunta Kenzino – On To The Next Shit”

  1. Danielson a.k.a. My Blog Game Properâ„¢ Says:

    dre/nate check the inbox and take a look – Giggs and B.o.B link up…

  2. S.I.C.K-EL Says:

    My dumb ass had a”worry” curl in the 80`s.I was sooooo brainwashed then.I got a pic with me on the turntables with that shower cap on to keep the gheri curl moist.LOL By the way…who the fuck was “Gheri”

    No lie I had the Kurtis blow shit going.My negroid hair was so rebellious that the care free curl did`nt take completely.LOL It was mad curly in the back but it was like badger fur on the top,on some Joe88 hat status(allegedly).

    My current mohawk fade by far is one of my better hairstyles.

  3. b-ease Says:

    Paul Mooney = the most underrated, overlooked comedic talent in black history

    Agreed. Don’t know what Pryor would have done without him…

  4. illmatic since 1982 Says:

    kunte kinte + benzino = kunte kenzino???!!

  5. Toxik Says:

    ^^oh shit

    and this is SICK, which is what i expect from CROOOKED

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