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Madlib feat. Guilty Simpson – Kill Em (Remix)


Off Madlib Medicine Show No. 1: Before The Verdict (click to order), the first of his one-a-month/twelve-CD series.

Madlib Medicine Show No. 1: Before The Verdict is a full 17-track hip-hop album with original tracks and “the OJ Simpson remixes” featuring Guilty Simpson.

Consider it a prelude to Madlib & Guilty’s collab OJ Simpson. There are two brief guest appearances by MED and J Dilla, in a short, previously unreleased interlude dating back to his & Madlib’s first collaboration. An 8-page booklet with track list is included in the CD.

Madlib – Kill Em (OJ Simpson Remix) | Mediafire


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10 Responses to “Madlib feat. Guilty Simpson – Kill Em (Remix)”

  1. cOLD Says:

    sad bid>

  2. hl Says:

    This is dope.

  3. landlord Says:

    cOLD Says:

    January 4th, 2010 at 1:07 pm
    is there some charles hamilton in Lands flow? I say yes. I see why he likes the lil tyke.


    sweartogod… when he first came out, wifey (who doesnt really like Chuck’s music) would constantly say that he sounded like a teenage version of me …

    and yes, thats why i enjoyed his work from day one, cause i can hear similarities in vocal inflections and i can easily relate to ALOT of his lyrical content …

  4. nation Says:

    >> true… but those that arent up to par, won’t make the cut, simple as that.

    nah, I’m sure everyone will submit something and that they’ll put effort into it. but I mean, just the fact taht we’ll need one person to chase down a bunch of commenters with about 10 different screen names, 2 e-mails and no true identity (no shots) it’s gonna be tough

    like, we can’t possibly keep track of every commenter that’s said they rap/produce over the years without hurting someone’s feelings

    the day after we post, bammas are gonna come outta the woodwork saying we didn’t hit them up to rap on the tape

    oh and that person sure as shit won’t be me. I don’t give a fuck about yall, straight up

  5. pmass Says:

    *submits audition for NAH RIGHT: the clixtape (c)*

    *starts all verses with “yes, yes y’all*
    *waits for invitation to jump on track*
    *gets invited to recycle bin*

    *heads back to Stanhattan, Nah Lurk*

  6. landlord Says:

    im surprised Stonesthrow Records allow yall to post this madlib stuff without raiding yalls emails with threats..

    finding ANY madlib or any other stonesthrow records artists online for free download is an art form in itself …

    they dont play that pirating shit… they got internet spies watching every music website ever created …

    i wouldnt be suprised to see this link taken down …

    unless he’s not with stonesthrow anymore …

  7. Digital Scales Says:

    Ya better hit me up


    where the fuck is that act ii? just blaze you slackin’.


    Fawkin Fire. I fux wit Guilty. Did Sean P ever send those Random Axe Verses? I needs that album.

  10. Nah Right » Guilty Simpson - Before the Verdict (prod. Madlib) Says:

    […] after the first of Madlib’s monthly series, but according to Shake, this will be appearing on neither that or Guilty Simpson & […]

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