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Video: Royce da 5’9″ Responds to Benzino

Royce responds to Benzino’s diss track and video. He also pulls out a rocket launcher to show how serious he really is.

After the jump, catch Benzino’s response to Crooked I from Friday.

Previously: Crooked I Addresses Benzino (Video) | Benzino ft. Raekwon – Break To Build (Royce Da 5′9 Diss)

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24 Responses to “Video: Royce da 5’9″ Responds to Benzino”

  1. catch me up on jupiter Says:


    Jets to upset and win the Superbowl

  2. Joe 88 Says:

    *Gallops around nah on a white horse*

  3. the return line o.k.a. moment of relapse Says:

    wow. there are people alive who still believe in the Saints. . .even after 5 week stretch of losing to/barely scraping by some of the worst teams in nfl history. N.O. = fraud. easy.

  4. Remixznflow Says:

    # catch me up on jupiter Says:
    January 3rd, 2010 at 3:21 pm


    Jets to upset and win the Superbowl

    nigga you must be on some grade A crack

  5. D-RAE Says:

    Damn Royce this aint the 1-900 get indicted hotline u foolin

  6. D-RAE Says:

    Damn Royce this aint the 1-900 get indicted hotline u foolin

  7. Remixznflow Says:

    *gives Joe 88 the side eye*

  8. InfBlack3 Says:

    Check out Royce and Crooked I talk their message to the Streets on Youtube.com/InfBlack3 exclusive 2 quarter of Slaughter. (a InfBlack alert)

  9. aeko Says:

    *dead* at the rocketlauncher and Royce fooling around

  10. Cashmere Cavalli Says:

    who keeps a rocket launcher on standy by while in the studio LMAO

  11. IWannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    Jupiter you’re a fucking idiot..u can’t expect anyone to take you seriously after that shit you jus said jesus my man

  12. AFGunz Says:

    who is this sean paul lookalike? wasnt dude fired from the source?

  13. notarapper Says:

    hates giving the hip-hop police any evidence, but loves that royce pulled out the rocket launcher. go hard or go home

  14. ILLAIM Says:

    All the way around dumb……

  15. D.J. ICECOLD Says:

    LOL Quite Funny…*thinks to self* “I wonder if Tip could get away with such visuals….*thinks some more*…Whenever steppin in front of the camera picture yourself in a suit, and ask “how would I explain this to a Jury or Judge”…(no matter what the case)….but I digresss…
    Forward that irrelevant Football banter to ESPN or some..

  16. Suvio-Blue Says:

    if u watched this plz watch it again, even tho Benzino cant spit…he def is street theral and he cool bout shit…Royce and his man OD’n and they look and sound xtra crabbish!

  17. illmatric Says:

    Benzino Soggy corn flake nigga, SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    no one belives u, u need more people!!!

  18. kstrai Says:

    “all the real n*ggas out there get on your blogs” gtfo

  19. InfBlack3 Says:

    Im stompin wit SlaughterHouse ALL THE WaY Till the Death of this rap shit. Crook already know how ah feel about the movment. Royce already know I get I do G-blogs. and hell yeh i just made a name for 2010 that shyt call G -blogs from NOW OUT !!! IAm go hard Joell too. He single handedly bought the east bacck by his dolo.self check out. Youtube/InfBlack3

  20. InfBlack3 Says:

    Yeh i dare a nicca test da credibility too. ova herre C.o.B 914 300 D block affilets but 300 da brand mane. Dey know. Family got my back live VerizonMane

  21. word Says:

    who is bezino? is he a new artist?

  22. Allahbornsgod M Allah aka keep it baggy not faggy Says:

    Its three bitch ass niggas now in the beef.

  23. koa29 Says:

    haha , well if slaughterhosue does sign to shady , em’s involved in another beef with benzino … didn’t he bury that nigga?

  24. Jewtino Says:


    What the ATF on your ass or something?

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