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Video: NYOIL – I Wanna Rock Freestyle

Previously: The Closers ft. NYOIL – Heroin Barz

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16 Responses to “Video: NYOIL – I Wanna Rock Freestyle”

  1. yeahme2 Says:

    Dallas is looking serious right now

  2. verses Says:

    # landlord Says:
    January 3rd, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    a tribe called quest Says:

    January 3rd, 2010 at 5:03 pm
    Just seen the royce video. SMFH.

    Just another reason why I don’t fuck with SH.

    –They were drunk, plus this is purely for lulz.


    i dont think Ray Benzino was LOLing… at all


    *daps all*

    i dont care…that kinda fuckery doesnt get any cosign from me…nor should it get it from anyone…

  3. yeahme2 Says:

    Desean Jackson > Sidney Rice

  4. a tribe called quest Says:

    i dont think Ray Benzino was LOLing… at all


  5. Remixznflow Says:

    yeah cowboys.. fuck the eagles!

  6. why? Says:

    Talib Kweli’s thoughts on Illuminati >

    People need to get educated. The man is speaking the truth.


  7. Sleep Says:

    I’m sick of all these rappers and their beefs. I won’t seeing some of these niggas killing each other this year, as long its no a rapper I listen to.

  8. Ghost Writer Says:

    Nice screen shot damn…

  9. Ghost Writer Says:

    freestyle is dope too

  10. Paul Cain Says:

    Did that mic come free with Windows 3.1 or did he get it with his copy of DOOM?

    He sounds like every guy who’s got time at UPS to write random bars.

    I’m sure his new record will be an ENTIRE diss of everyone since he didn’t complain for an entire four minutes.

    Guys like this crack me up, they talk about how everyone should speak positively but then release songs saying how everyone making music is a piece of shit.

  11. DJSHAD Says:

    Darrell from The Office?

  12. pulse Says:

    this guy is a herb

  13. unity Says:

    This guy is so wack!

  14. sickind bitch Says:

    Fuck the average to decent music, someone find out where them asses came from

  15. Allahbornsgod M Allah aka keep it baggy not faggy Says:

    “This guy is so wack”
    Peace, kinda sorta.
    He is feeling his self tho.
    This shit is corny b.u.t atleast the blackman is god. right?

  16. NYOIL Says:

    LOL.. i love reading what the internets lames have to say…

    tell u what.. (to those of you who think my shit is whatever right.. lol… )
    get your best guy.. whomever u think is the hot shit.. basically who ever dick your riding this quarter .. tell him NYOIL said FUCK YOU.. and him/her too..

    Gas them up to come at me.. tell em I said something about fucking your mother or something slick..

    and see how i demolish your guy in short order… and if u got it in your mind that YOU are the one that can get at me.. bring it… hahah..

    yall internets kill me.

    oh yeah.. my name is NYOIL and I approve this message!

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