Video: Johnny Nunez Interview w/ Roc 4 Life

If you know anything about anything, then you know Johnny Nunez has shot some of the dopest pics you’ve seen either displayed on this website or even before we had an idea what WireImage was.

Photos of our favorite rappers giving pound to another rapper who they beefed with months before, rare performance photos of artists in the infant stages of their career, even the rare photos of abruptly deceased artists are images fans hold on to, and a lot of our culture within the last 10 years have been captured by the amazing Johnny Nunez.

His start in photography was a direction he prayed for in order to prevent living his life on the streets. with a camera and an idea for celebrity post cards, he soon worked his way to the trust of many big named celebrities in the game. From Russell Simmons to being asked to work a Barack Obama event, Johnny is the go to man to get the work done. Get to know the man behind the camera!

Check out his website Props to Roc4Life. Hit the jump to see the trailer for Shooting Star(s) – The Rise of Hip Hop Photographer Johnny Nunez.

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7 Responses to “Video: Johnny Nunez Interview w/ Roc 4 Life”

  1. 40 Inc Says:


    He added: “When people get success, the often start getting rid of their immediate circle who knew them to surround themselves with yes men and women and they get lost.I have great friends around to keep me grounded, fame is a drug and your feet can get lifted off the ground but I try to stay centered and whenever I start getting big headed, they stop me.

  2. Sleep Says:

    f lebron goes to the heat watch riely fire the coach and make himself the coach like he did when shaq got there. The mother fucker is dirty. Nike is gonna make lebron go to new york and just like his 2 role models jordan and jay_z coperate america is gonna Control him

  3. Tony Says:

    thsi is dope.

  4. Tony Says:


  5. B.Payton Says:

    This interview was inspiring. Great post/interview

  6. IN_SITE Says:

    WHOA that was motivation…… inspiring how he told the story how he started

  7. the TK 781 Says:

    i didnt like this interview @ all like God didnt do alll the work for u im sure u put in some grind time give ur self some credit eh i guess some people are not meant 2 be in front of the camera

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