Young Buck – Happy New Year (G-Unit Diss)


Young Buck – Happy New Year (G-Unit Diss) | Mediafire


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17 Responses to “Young Buck – Happy New Year (G-Unit Diss)”

  1. koa29 Says:

    not bad.. i still fuck with buck .. wish he could get out of the deal with g-unit so he could put out some real material

  2. Kane Says:

    Too little too late!!

  3. Kane Says:

    Does this take away from the fact that he was crying to another man thats not his father and an extra in a Game video? What he got tired of being irrelevant and decided the best way to get some shine would be to go at 50? Good record but too little too late… But is like Hockey in america was ok when it was on and poppin but unimportant after that lockout!!..

    Move on buck go make some mixtapes get some cred and see if you can get somebody else to do for you what 50 did…

  4. Banga Says:

    too bad his career is over with…this has nothing to do with a HAPPY NEW YEAR lmao

  5. Glacier,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Says:

    He should stop rappin’ and go to a community college. How U gonna eat off rap when beefin’ wit da nigga who owns ya contract?! 50 let Game rock because at the time he did still have a buzz. 50 doesn’t have to let either one of them put albums out. And Buck still owe the nigga a couple million.

  6. ncprecise Says:


  7. edstarr Says:

    buck ’em BUCK!!!!

  8. $ykotic/Don McCaine Says:

    Bucking shots on New Years>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Young Buck taking shots @ 50 and saying Happy New Year

  9. BlackBoi1da Says:

    Buck ain’t buckin’ shit in a toilet….. All this ganster talk ain’t his real life. Never sold crack, never killed nobody, let alone shot at somebody, didnt have a ride, etc…. Nigga went from rap group to rap group when thangs didn’t go as planned back in Nashville, TN. Just give it up dude, you embarrasing yaself. I agree, his rap is O.V. (over).

  10. Master CHeef Says:

    the rapping was tight, but kane might be right with that “too little, too late”

  11. Lil' Nello Says:

    ^true story
    Happy New Year to everyone & be safe out there
    Feel free to check out my site by clicking on the link on my name to

  12. B.Payton Says:

    50 won…

  13. Shugg1000 Says:

    Ya’ll full of shit!. Buck that nigga. With 2 classics under his belt. He just didn’t sell 5 mill like Game to be able to come out with albums even though 50 was against it. That contract is like a foot on his neck.

  14. StandOut FT Says:

    YOOOO! YOUNG BUC IS ILL1! THE NIGGA WAS 50 best arist he ever signed. The nigga just got caught up in the game . The money, The Shows, The Bitches , The clothes the Cribs, The hoes, the drugs the connects. Only a real nigga could understand what its really like! He fucked up by oweing 50 that bread. He apoligize on some real nigga shit cried to his brother beg to make it up to him. Let them niggaz shit on his name was still saying na i fucked up my bad. If 50 don’t accept the nigga apology and ain’t willing to let the nigga pay it back then fuckit! A nigga gotta eat its 2 thousand and ten, The man said he would pay you back you don’t want his money leave the nigga alone stop making diss records. Lying to the people telling them it’s gonna be a young buc record.And you know you ain’t letting man go.smh that shit is childish. You got all the money in the world stop holding grudges. Reinvent your self 5o, buc could probably help you right now not hating my nigga just trying to stop you from falling off smh not in the bank but in the streets.

  15. bLUEPRINTs Says:


    Buck Been Ill, One Of The Dopest The South Has Produced Ever. But Homie Played Himself. That Nigga Cheddar Bob’d Himself Screaming Out Fuck G-Unit Before Anybody Shitted On His Name, and AnyBody Knew What Was Poppin For Sure. Everybody Saw The Nigga Screamin Fuck G-Unit In Concert On Camera Phone, With This Nigga Thinking Nobody Ever Gonna See It Or Some Shit, Then The Crying Like A Sucker Tape Got Released. Bottom Line, Buck Dug His Own Grave, Good Luck To The Nigga Gettin Out, But That Shit Was A Wasted Opportunity

  16. StandOut FT Says:

    NA he sad fuck them after the tape convo. But over all fuck the contracts and record sales the song is hot son still makes good music.

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