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ESSO – Popularly Anti-Social


Over the Popeye’s anthem.

ESSO – Popularly Anti-Social


Props: LowKey

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6 Responses to “ESSO – Popularly Anti-Social”

  1. KzA aka Roberto Commente Says:

    hahahaahahahahahahahahaahh deaded by esso. fuck it, Im goin back in the last thread and resuming commenting

  2. Daddy-Bariqua Says:


  3. erikBnyc Says:

    “Mind of Garry Kasparov how can you solve me?” – Esso did his thing on this! Wait til the top of the year cuz the homie got some heat… trust!!!

  4. javar Says:

    this sht hott mydude !!!!!!!!! we need a HARKEM JOINT

  5. javar Says:

    This shit hott mydude!!!!!!!!! we need a HARLEM JOINT

  6. As A Man Thinketh Says:

    duke is wack…word to mutha!

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