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Video: Stack Bundles feat. Tha Riot Squad – Peep Game

The kid Legend just threw this up:

The official full version of the music video for “Peep Game” by the late Stack Bundles featuring Tha Riot Squad, from their Stack Bundles & DJ Pudgee P Present: Tha Riot Squad “Riot’s That Gang” mixtape, out now! Directed by Dre Most R.I.P.

Rest In Peace Stack

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13 Responses to “Video: Stack Bundles feat. Tha Riot Squad – Peep Game”

  1. Dewill Says:

    PastorKerneyThomas Miwacles Says:
    December 29th, 2009 at 10:30 am
    These kids ain’t like I was when I was coming up.

    I put on that OB4CL2 in the whip and my younger cousins wanted me to play Trey Songz.

    Fuck is going on?

    LOL the kids are so lost on music. They dont even know whats real, they just know whats hot and whats top ten on 106th and park. I think the machine might be winning at polluting the minds of the youth. I got a 4yr old son and i try to control what he hears but its hard. The other day i put him in the car, turned on the radio, and the first song that came on was OJ da Juiceman feat Gucci mane – Make the Trap Say Ay, and my son knew the WHOLE FUCKIN HOOK. “Quarter brick, half a brick, whole brick Ay!” LOL its funny because he’s too young to understand what he’s saying, but its not funny at all that the teenagers hear this and think its good music and wanna follow what they hear

    If u think about it, it’s the same way our parents and the generation before us did us… They was like what the fuk u listenin to… that aint no real music…

  2. Vin Says:

    Nigga, u disrespectin this man’s legacy talkin bout some fag shit under his post…fuck outta here.



    “Their eyes ain’t on the prize that mine on
    I figured I live as a legend, they kill me…I die as a Icon”

    – Stack Bundles

  3. IN_SITE Says:

    hmmmmm jim jones did some copy style from stacks

  4. macoroni Says:

    r.i.p to my dude stack def is a icon, fuck the fags that hated on him. balcony bundles ahhhaa that was a good 1 ssssheeek

  5. White Says:

    If u think about it, it’s the same way our parents and the generation before us did us… They was like what the fuk u listenin to… that aint no real music…


    I kinda agree with the generations before us.

    99 % of our music sucks.

  6. Tysonz Says:

    RIP to Stack Bundles, Him and CLue had the mixtape game on lock in the 2000s. Bundles held his own spitting alongside Fab and Buddens, than was the shining star along with MAx B when he was down with Jim Jones. SSSSSSSSQUAD UP!!

  7. tenacious Says:

    First off RIP Stack! This beat is mad nice.. who did it?!

  8. DV8 Says:

    Wow I never really looked into this Stack Bundles guy but I heard he was down with Jim Jones in some compacity. Now I know where Jim got his whole style from. Damn..

  9. affiliateddealz Says:

    Got to love ya’ll hit dealz 1-917-443-4820 sssquad up stack bundles 4ever chea

  10. affiliateddealz Says:

    Send your love and hate to affiliateddealz93@gmail.com squad up

  11. applejuice Says:

    to be such a relative obscurity within the hiphop landscape, $tack’s catalog is pretty fucking doap* (copywritten)*. the potential was tremendous. (shakes head in disgust, but can’t shake sick feeling in stomach). oh well.

  12. Bird Says:

    Stacks was the illest dude besides Tupac and Biggie. If u listen to alot of his music u’ll see. He brought the best out of Jim Jones and Max B. The dude who merked Stacks, die a 1000 times. Fuck ya moms and ya kids nigga

  13. loop' Says:

    biggest loss of hip hop
    we still miss u

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