J.R. Writer – Down Bottom Freestyle


Off J.R.’s upcoming mixtape, Still Standing.

J.R. Writer – Down Bottom


Bonus: Couple more that he tweet’d last week.

J.R. Writer – Show Discipline


J.R. Writer – Popular Demand


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5 Responses to “J.R. Writer – Down Bottom Freestyle”

  1. a tribe called quest Says:


  2. a tribe called quest Says:

    I let it live for the next nigga to come behind me and destroy it.


    *One thousand deaths*


  3. JDS is goin' Sizzzzler! Says:

    i would love to see Spike Lee have a renaissance

    Do The Right Thing is still one of my top 3 favorite flicks

    when Raheem is getting choked out and you see him slightly lift up his hand with the “HATE” rings on it towards his neck, that was masterful subtlety.

  4. Mag Says:

    NIce J.R is that nigga

  5. - keka - Says:

    yeah, nice.

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