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Brother Ali – Blizzard Rap ’09

Going over Kanye (or Diddy’s) I’m So Appalled, via 2dopeboyz.

We had 15 inches of snow in Minnesota over the past few days. My holiday was over a month ago and I’ve been stuck in my house the last few days. To entertain myself, I chopped up a Kanye West song called “I’m So Appalled” and did a super rough homemade recording of some bars. This is what I do when I’m bored!

Brother Ali – Blizzard Rap ’09 (I’m So Appalled Freestyle) | Mediafire


Praises due to the most high, Allah

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6 Responses to “Brother Ali – Blizzard Rap ’09”

  1. Voltron aka Speech is my hammer, bang the world into shape and let it fall! Says:

    Praises due to the most high, Allah



    i mean, 2 billionded.

  2. APES IN SPACE Says:

    didnt know this guy had down syndrome i guess if you can rap with that you must be talented

  3. Black Man is King Says:


  4. zamora Says:

    yo APE…. I have down syndrome

  5. Felipe Says:

    just so dope

    RIP this beat

  6. imjustsayin Says:

    how yall post this bullshit and not the Gilbere Forte’ version?

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