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Cookin’ Soul x Don Cannon – The RED Album Tracklist


Tracklist for Cookin Soul & Don Cannon’s Jay-Z x Game mashup project, which should be dropping later today.

Previously: Cookin Soul x Don Cannon – The RED Album Trailer #3


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3 Responses to “Cookin’ Soul x Don Cannon – The RED Album Tracklist”

  1. da fuc Says:

    wtf is da point im dissapointed in cannon for this. you dropped heat all summer from the spitta to the dro and now your gonna do some lame mashup wit game? yikesss …… and yawnnnnnnn

    the mixtape title isn’t even innovative the tracklist s weak

    da fucccckkkk

  2. TheRealProtege Says:

    isnt games cd spose to be called the red album? wtf..and who honestly listens to these mashup mixtapes? hearing songs that are aged as fuck, no thnx.

  3. TEN HUDSON Says:

    OUCH….sounds like the ppl have spoken….(at least all 2 of em, thus)….and unfortunately this time we can’t just dub it “Digital Diarrhea”….both “da fuc” & “TheRealProtege” make some VERY VALID points….(albeit w/out hearin it)…….I for one may have been much more excited by the prospects Mash-Up of a more comparable (stature wise) West Coast Artist……saaaaaay A Snoop or Dre perhaps (this one’s free, the next one’s costin ya)….and um…yea… feel free 2 leave dat Girltalk *hit alone….but I Digress..

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