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Black Milk – Keep Going


That’s not a statement, it’s really the album title. He explains it after the jump. It drops Summer 2010 via Fat Beats Records.

Black Milk – Keep Going (prod. Black Milk; Drums by Daru Jones)


Drums by Daru Jones and background vocals by AB. Props to Shake

Hit the jump for a preview of what’s to come in 2010: AOTY, Random Axe w/ Sean Price & Guilty Simpson and Searching For Sanity.

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25 Responses to “Black Milk – Keep Going”

  1. London Bloke Says:

    Yo anyone on Nah wanna send me a JE compilation? I need that Exhibit C as well


    Mr_dolphie at hotmail dot com

  2. Digital Scales Says:

    Joe you sound amature my nigga the lyrics is def on point but you need to go back into the studio and rerecord that, just my opinion

    Peace everybody!

  3. Daily Drug Says:

    Looks like a 88 Scales collab for the 2010 is in the works

  4. Cashmere Cavalli Says:

    joe just sounds like he hasn’t recorded enough…..booth experience will tighten that up but the bars are there

  5. Daily Drug Says:

    That Melanie Rutherford jawn should be a good look, not enough female singing over raw drum hiphop

    But nigga can explain as much as he wants, album of the year 2010 = hilarious

  6. FUPM618 Says:


    ^^^^album of 2010

  7. Daily Drug Says:

    Im putting all you pussies on display like gynecologists

  8. KzA aka Roberto Commente Says:

    Merry Christmas nah!

    Shouts to Broadway Joe…. Truth be told, first time I ever heard you on the mic … Ripped that shit..

    There is hope for exhibit Nah

  9. sleep AKA I'M 2 COOL 4 U DUDES 2 RIDICULE Says:

    hello fab and drama when u say a mixtape is dropping today it should drop at 12am

  10. Carlos Voltron AKA DIxie Normous Says:

    *Teenyboppers it up*

    But, like, Drake is making an album like next year, so I don’t know what this guy is like talking about. I bet he doesn’t even have a twitter page. And honestly, who names themself black milk? Chocolate milk is brown DUH!

  11. sleep AKA I'M 2 COOL 4 U DUDES 2 RIDICULE Says:

    so my boy gave me a dvd “cocaine cowboy”. its about the miami drug trade in early 80’s

  12. NovemberEnd Says:


  13. ya baby babie Says:

    Black milk is dope his album is gonna be crack!

  14. ODEMIC Says:

    Shoot me a link so i can listen to Joe 88’s ish…

  15. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    “We rollin hard like we on E Pills” – Joe88


  16. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    “We rollin hard like we on E Pills” – Joe88

    Yuuup! nah’s very own.

  17. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    “We rollin hard like we on E pills” – Joe88

    Yea Buddy!

  18. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    joe88 ish


  19. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    joe88 isssh. just take out the spaces

    http ://zshare .net /audio /70331360c67770b2/

  20. smog Says:

    my brain is melting out of my hears off this shit good shit black!!!!!!
    this new is the best xmas gift so far!!!!!!!

  21. Daily Drug Says:

    FTR: Random Axe is my top 3 most antipated rap albums

  22. Munch Says:

    Black Milk, sucks LOL! Whats up with that drummer guy why is he trying to be like Questlove?

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    […] 365 2. Welcome (Gotta Go) 3. Keep Going 4. Oh Girl (feat. AB) 5. Deadly Medley (feat. Royce Da 5’9″ and Elzhi) 6. Distortion (feat. […]

  25. spirit equality Says:

    all the beats in that video were bananas.

    milk is gonna have the best produced record of the year, if nothing else…

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