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Video: N.O.R.E. Analyzes The War Report

Yo let’s rackateer this, while most niggas’ll fear this
Turn my shit down everytime they hear it
PHD me, rapidly right in back of me
Tackle me, them niggas make loot but only half of me
My faculty, blow holes in your Moschinos and tuxedos
While all y’all niggas reload (reload)

Nore sits in a staircase somewhere with a beer and a L and analyzes The War Report, which is funny because that’s the same exact setting that I used to be in when I sat around analyzing that album back in ’97. Old head rap FTW.

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9 Responses to “Video: N.O.R.E. Analyzes The War Report

  1. Harlem World Says:

    Old head rap FTW.

    Of course.

    “Microchips in the celly, the game wont stop
    Dippin in ya bankfunds with the laptop”

  2. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Arguably top 25 album of all time.Definitely top 40.

  3. NovemberEnd Says:

    Old head rap FTW.

  4. Smoke Greene Says:

    Driver’s Seat >>>

  5. TheCo!!inB aka Joe88 I Believed In You Says:

    30 niggas makin 6 figs is a little ambitious, and i’m thinkin you’re just throwin that number out for emphasis, but from the 90’s forward it was the wild west in southern Va. and we were slaughtering our own natives heinously behind d rug trafficking and weight. out of towners weren’t just coming in and not getting fucked with. once we were able to go get it whole sale shit really got wild but certain niggas really started seeing money so you may have been able to move some grams of whatever, but the locals held the power. I don’t know if yall are keeping up with current events there but it’s going down, judicially.

  6. jdollaz12 Says:

    aww man. this album has to be top 20 for me. i remember knocking that original “closer” joint in the ’93 civic on the way to school like everyday for awhile.

  7. alwayzambitious Says:

    notice no official post about beans accident..besides the bs nsh right light (honorable mention) i think eskay was driving the tractor trailer

  8. HomieBtothaJ Says:

    That ain’t no staircase, that’s his crib in Miami yo
    Pay some attention when you look at his other vids son!

  9. dats Says:

    War Report > any album put out after 2001

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