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Video: DJ Premier Interview @ Red Bull Music Academy

Here are a couple of snippets from a nearly 2 hour interview that Preemo sat for at the Red Bull Music Academy back in 2007. Above he speaks on the early days of his career, linking up with Guru, recording his first demo and trying to pass it along to Marley Marl.

After the jump, he talks working with Nas and Biggie.

View the interview in its entirety here or read a transcript here.

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3 Responses to “Video: DJ Premier Interview @ Red Bull Music Academy”

  1. Jersey*made*me Says:

    that sir is a lie
    i’m not putting myself out there but I’m more than positive no up top “nah mean son” nigga came to Va and was gettin more money than Va niggas, that was really in it, was gettin. Aint no way. like, at all.

    I promise you niggas was leaving the block running to Va. like the California gold rush.Niggas was coming home in 325’s,Benz’s,Lex’s,etc.Not shitting on Va. but I know at least 30 niggas that got six figure type bread in Va.It dried up in the late 90’s though.My cousin got popped down there too,niggas hit his ass up.I just moved from Va Beach and the remnants of the NY/NJ infiltration is still strong though,all you see is Yankee hats out that piece.Niggas more loyal to that blood shit than anything from what I saw.

  2. TheCo!!inB aka Joe88 I Believed In You Says:

    30 niggas makin 6 figs is a little ambitious, and i’m thinkin you’re just throwin that number out for emphasis, but from the 90’s forward it was the wild west in southern Va. and we were slaughtering our own natives heinously behind d rug trafficking and weight. out of towners weren’t just coming in and not getting fucked with. once we were able to go get it whole sale shit really got wild but certain niggas really started seeing money so you may have been able to move some grams of whatever, but the locals held the power. I don’t know if yall are keeping up with current events there but it’s going down, judicially.

  3. Billy D Says:

    Classic shit… Premier is the G.O.A.T!

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