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Wale – The Meeting

From Dan @ elitetaste:

So in the spring of 2007, I suggested to Wale that he create an audio manifesto of what he wanted to accomplish as an artist once he signed. DC producer Osinachi, the maestro behind “Nike Boots” who is now part of Rodney Jerkins’ team, blessed Wale with the beat for “The Meeting” and Wale, how do you say, “went in.” This became the first track we played in label meetings and for a time, it was discussed that this would be the intro for Attention Deficit. In retrospect, I think Wale stayed true to the goals set forth in “The Meeting” and you can still hear the hunger in his voice. So 2.5 years later, this track is emancipated. And make sure you cop Attention Deficit if you haven’t done so already.

Wale – The Meeting

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16 Responses to “Wale – The Meeting”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    Diddy is known in the gay community as The Devil.

    Remember what Xzibit said?
    Remember what Mase said?
    Remember what Mark Curry said?

  2. steven biko Says:

    .Wale music make me wanna stab the side of my dome with a sharp pencil until i bust my eardrums bloody

  3. Jz Says:

    Late Registration > College Dropout

    “Five hours later, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

  4. young kof Says:

    .Wale music make me wanna stab the side of my dome with a sharp pencil until i bust my eardrums bloody

    Exhibit W feat. Wale…..the irony

  5. young kof Says:

    but nah, this shit was tough…..niggas need to stop hating on Whale

  6. Pocket Full of Paper » Wale – “Thank You Freestyle” x “Two A Days Make U Stronger” x “The Meeting” Says:

    […] Wale goes in over Jay-Z’s “Thank You” track off that “Blueprint 3″ album. Pretty dope. Swiped from his Twitter. “Attention Deficit” in stores now! R.I.P. Chris Henry. Update: Here is another fresh Wale track for your enjoyment. And speaking of football, go Saints! Update 2: More Wale via Nah Right. […]

  7. Ebonics Says:

    first wale song i have ever liked. excluding beautiful bliss which i only like cuz of the other artist. This was a very real song though, could feel it.

  8. DaleWillet Says:

    he’s raps are so complex no one takes the time to rewind it a few times and break it down.

    So after the first spin they assume he sucks.

  9. DD Says:

    This goes hard.

  10. $pit Says:

    ctfu @ Exhibit W

  11. Vhingrhamesonyo'momma Says:

    this nigga suck, his album failed, and he is a fly by night artist, it’s not hate it’s reality.

  12. Daddy-Bariqua Says:

    Here’s how Wale messed up:

    He became too “industry” before people had a chance to figure him out and decide if they would f*cked with him or not. I was on the fence when that Lady Gaga turd dropped and it had this awful forced, board room ideal feel to it. Like it was a concocted attempt to make a “Hit”…Now I just don’t like his ASS PERIOD! His too busy…Needs to make a song that has more emotion and less strategy about it.

  13. James Lewis Says:

    Wale my favorite rapper, but like “them socks we on yo heels. So you bets be on yo flows nigga, especially on yo flows nigga.”

  14. James Lewis Says:

    toes nigga*

  15. Fix your face Says:

    Wale looks homeless.

  16. Nah Right » Wale - Bedrock Freestyle Says:

    […] Previously: Wale – The Meeting […]

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